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How Do I Sort Through All The Wedding Information?

Too Much Wedding Information
Tired of sorting through all the wedding info?

The moment that a bride becomes engaged, she can find herself inundated by information from well-meaning friends and family about certain traditions and overall wedding etiquette.

This alone can make a bride feel completely overwhelmed and alone in her decisions to make regarding the upcoming wedding. Not to mention the plethora of websites, blogs, videos, and magazines that are dedicated to helping a bride plan for her special day.

So, what is a bride to do with all of this information?

Well, one way of handling all the pressure to plan a perfect wedding is to have someone else do it for you. Like the experts at Pelister Park. Explore below why brides throughout metro Detroit turn their wedding planning over to our team:


The team at Pelister Park has over 100 years of combined wedding and wedding planning experience. This means that we know how harness your vision and turn it into a reality. From table settings to matching your perfect color scheme, our team addresses every detail so that your special day can be truly special.


Located in the heart of Dearborn, our location at Pelister Park offers a historic setting for any wedding. And, your wedding reception is conveniently located adjacent to the ceremony venue that can easily accommodate up to 300 guests complete with a dance floor and bar.

Schedule a Consultation and Tour

We would love to host your visit and tour of Pelister Park. To take the next step, reach out to our expert wedding planners today by calling 313-438-0908 or Contact Us to schedule a consultation.

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