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Reunions: What Social Media Cannot Replace

The world of social media can appear to be glamorous. Fans, likes, followers, shares, emojis, and comments. This list of likability metrics goes on and on.

However, the hidden side of these platforms is that they can promote isolation and loneliness which sometimes explains why people will make inflammatory comments about minor posts or issues.

So why rely on technology to get your synapse firing in order to build relationships? Instead, consider creating a reunion for your particular area of interest. Reunions offer the opportunity to re-kindle friendships and build new ones, face to face communication, and to reminisce about old times.

Now, reunions don’t have to be associated at all with your old high school classmates. Here are some alternatives to consider for other types of reunions:

1. Participants of former sports teams

2. Business and networking groups

3. Alumni groups

4. Professional associations and groups

5. Family

6. Military service

7. Those who have overcome a major illness

The purpose of a reunion boils down to who you really want to be around and what kind of meaningful relationship will come of in-person interactions. So say goodbye to social media…for a while and reconnect with those whom you find interesting.

Schedule a Consultation

We would love to host your reunion at Pelister Park. To take the next step, reach out to our venue team today by calling 313-438-0908 or Contact Us to schedule a consultation.

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