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Where to Hold A Business Event in Dearborn

Business Event Venue in Dearborn

Organizing and successfully executing a corporate event is tough. All the unforeseen details need to be taken care of in order to create the professional impression desired for guests in attendance...the experts at Pelister Park are ready!

Speaking Engagements

Have you ever attended a speaking engagement where you couldn’t really see the speaker? That won’t happen at Pelister Park! Our spacious venue offers a complete 360 degree view of any speaker who desires to deliver a keynote address for a professional association, chamber of commerce, or organization.

Meetings and Networking Events

Professional settings make business networking events and meetings more productive and successful. As an easy-to-get-to destination, Pelister Park offers free parking and quick freeway access for busy business professionals.


Perhaps your organization is seeking to organize a business conference for a group or association of professionals. If you have groups of guests staying at local hotels such as Comfort Inn, Marriott, or Best Western then Pelister Park is the perfect local venue for your event that can host up to 300 people.

Corporate Parties

Is your company ready to celebrate? Then Pelister Park is the place! From corporate holiday parties to special awards ceremonies, our event planners know how to create the ultimate party theme for your company.

Schedule a Consultation

The time is now to plan your corporate event with us. We have experts on staff to help you with all aspects of your corporate vent. Call us today at 313-438-0908 or Contact Us to schedule a consultation with our team.

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