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Why Businesses Don’t Celebrate More Victories

Did you know that one of the most important factors for retaining the top talent in your company is a sense of belonging? That’s right, money, bonuses, time off, and other benefits fall far behind the benefit of someone knowing they are a valuable part of an important team. So why isn’t that celebrated more?

We’ve Been There Before

Believe it or not, some companies treat huge victories as an every day event. Whether it be an important new account, product launch, or even the retirement of a key person within the company. Quite often, these happenings are overlooked and soon forgotten. Imagine the impact it would have on an organization and its personnel if these events were to in fact be celebrated and recognized?

It’s Not in The Budget

Budgets are always tight. However, it may be possible for the staff at your company to petition its management to utilize a small percentage of your new customer win towards a reward to those who have made the success possible.

Or, as a part of your internal planning incorporate a celebration of your company success as a part of the project budgeting such that if everything works out the way you want the funding is available to reward the entire team!

No Time for Planning

Before you know it, another work week will be here. That is why when major milestones are achieved you should call Pelister Park The Venue and let us know! Let the corporate event experts on our team find the perfect way to plan and execute your event. The only thing you need to do is know we are here and share the good news!

Schedule a Consultation

The time is now to plan your corporate event with us. We have experts on staff to help you with all aspects of your corporate vent. Call us today at 313-438-0908 or Contact Us to schedule a consultation with our team.

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